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Default Re: Rukario Revealed!

"Wave" can be used in a very broad term; Shockwave, for example. It needs not be associated with Water.

As anyone can see, Lucario is charging an Energy sphere, which points greatly towards some sort of Psychic ability. I too have noticed some dark feeling from it... It's possible that Darks immunity to Psychic made Game Freak create a Dark/Psychic dual type, seeing as though Dark Type legendaries are non-existant.

As for Psychic type, well, there's always been Psychic types in the movies:

Movie 1: Mewtwo
Movie 2: Lugia
Movie 3: Unown
Movie 4: Celebi
Movie 5: Lati@s
Movie 6: Jirachi
Movie 7: Deoxys

True Unown is not Legendary, but Entei was granted certain Psychic-powers by the Unown, due to its lack of them. Psychic Pokemon are supposed to be "all powerful", as they can use Telepathy (the manipulation of objects by using the mind).

There are also other things involved: Mew is Psychic, and as stated previously Dark is immune to Psychic; if Lucario is indeed Dark (Which I greatly hope) then there might be turmoil between it and Mew, which remains to be seen when more Movie 8 info is released.

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