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Default Re: You've got mail! Subject: The Hero Battles

*mumbles something very mean about harison* Siriously when I made this Rp and nobody was replying for a week, I said let it die, then Marco showed up and so did others, then I relized i was going on vacation to Cancun. I can't do anything to this rp while i'm there can I? and when people go on vacation they ten to stay there at least a week!

Anyway lets start.

Ecelent meet me at that old fire station on 32rd and 5th, at about 3 o'clock today.

Sure I'll do that.

So Kieth does, he heads dow to the Place he needs to meat him at and finds that when he goes inside the Firestation he falls down a shute and in to a underground lab where he sees a few tubes with costumes in them, a Blue one with yellow linings and a lightning symble is all that he sees til the light turn on and he sees 7 heroes, 3 of witch are his role models.

"Keith like the place this is the HQ that will soon be yours if you pass the fighting to be going on."

*Kieth is speachless as he sees othe kids fall through the shute...*

Yeah, That's right, I'm calling you out WAR Teams. Your going down!
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