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Default Re: Desperate for ITEMS - will trade ANY breedable!

Originally Posted by Cool Kid 94 View Post
Name: !CK94!
FC: 2835 7627 9549
Item(s): Power Anklet and Power Lens
Wanted Breedable(s): Shuckle

BTW Recommended EV spread for Shuckle is 252 Hp, 128 defenses. If its HP is too low, then its defenses will be futile.
Oh! Both Power anklet and lens? I'll PM you
I'll keep that in mind and edit my post, thanks for the tip

Originally Posted by goombaslayer View Post
WAIT! WAIT! I'm sorry if I already messed you up, but can I have a Riolu instead??
Sure, why not. Don't worry I'm fine ^^ I'll PM you when ready.

Originally Posted by E6m View Post
FC:2105 6110 4804
Item(s):i have 2 corrn berries
Wanted Breedable(s):a gible with outrage and or fangs......and sneasel with any elemental punches....
Don't have any of those (I don't breed egg moves except Shuckle)
FC: 3137 2446 8226
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