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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Sudden Mewtwo fangirl-ness has struck me and I had to write something with Mewtwo in it. >> Anyway. *coughs and adjusts glasses* This is a weird idea that I came up with after starting to write a messed-up prologue - which became a first chapter after a lot of revision. I chose Latias as the first other Legendary he meets because of the fact that she is one of my favorites; I would've had him meet Mew, but that's for later. And I'm a Christian (if a not very devoted one), but the idea of reincarnation has always intrigued me; I decided to write a fanfic concerning it. ^^

I need a title... >> I was thinking something along the lines of "Rebirth" but with a little more added to it; "Rebirth" alone seems too simple or overused.


When Mewtwo dies, he doesn't know what to expect. In an odd space where he is blind and confused, pain coursing through him, he manages to sort through enough memories to piece together his life. He also finds out that there is one other with him; the stranger introduces herself as Latias, and tells him that they are both dead.

She finishes with, “That life is over; everything we did there doesn’t matter now. This place, this temporary blindness…it’s just to let us realize what happened: our lives ended. If you are ready, I’d like you to accompany me to the next.”

Both Legendaries find themselves able to see again - they are in lands unchanged, where life goes on despite the fact that they are dead. Making up new names for themselves, they walk on as human beings with hidden power. Latias - or Astyrian, as she is now called - is attempting to find her dead brother as Mewtwo is simply trying to figure out what is going on.

Fleeting rumors of a group called the Deep-Skyld course through the regions. They are trainers and Pokemon alike, highly talented in dark arts. Mewtwo is morbidly interested in this group, though Latias believes that they have something to do with an unusually large number of deaths - and a few of these deaths are other Legendaries.

The Pokemon world is thrown into partial turmoil. While some Legendaries still live, most of Johto is wiped out altogether. They pass into their next lives, walking the earth as human beings. While Mewtwo continues seeking the Deep-Skyld, he runs into some of these hidden creatures, Pokemon reborn, a few of which causing him to doubt everything he's known.

While the Legendaries connected through blood search for each other in desperation, the world begins to tremble. The Deep-Elm, the evil tree, starts to rise from the soil as the Deep-Skyld channel their powers into it. Though human beings continue to live their lives normally, ignoring rumors of evil magic and missing Legendaries, the Pokemon themselves understand that when the Deep-Elm wakes from its winter hibernation, the world will end.

But more than a few may want just that.


I want to know what I can do to make this story more interesting. I understand the "saving the world thing" is cliched, so I'll want some advice on how to avoid everything turning...predictable. >> I'm looking forward to writing this, and I'm really wanting to get back into creative writing for Pokemon again. ^^

I have a preview of it up, too: the prologue... ^^
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