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Default Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

I finally saw the pics, boy am I a bit disappointed. At least for once Team Rocket wore great disguises, exception for Meowth and Wobbuffet, but come on! May's family can't be 'that Hollywood' in Petalburg! I was embarrassed to see that Ash and May battle, the town boos Ash, the town prefers ribbons over badges, I was really disappointed with that type of storyline to 'villify' Ash and have an 'I Love Lucy' type story of May being that popular in her town like Ethel was popular in her town. That's flat out overkill to do that and make Pokemon people like myself tell May 'well, if you're loved that much in your town, do us all a favor and STAY BEHIND if you're going to battle Ash and have illogical Pokemon winning when they would've LOST!' I hope Ash is respected when he gets that 5th badge, they should throw a parade for him.

And yeah, Ash did battle another trainer so that answers the Golduck. I still feel NOrman uses Slakoth, Vigorath, and if they tell the story from the game, have a Linoone.
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