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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Originally Posted by LoaferBoyzX View Post
IDK if this one is true, but I'll just post it...

How to find Lvl 0 Pokemon (Including Mew)

[In R/B/Y...I think...I know it works in Yellow]

-Make sure you don't make the SS Anne leave
-Trade a Pokemon that knows Cut and continue the game as normal...
-After getting Surf and Strength, buy an ESCAPE ROPE
-Go to the SS Anne (NOT INSIDE IT)
-Surf around the ship, and find a rock...
-Use Strength on the rock
(Note: The Pokemon who used Strength will faint)
-Fall in the hole and you'll arrive in the Sliph Co. pool
-Walk around and you'll find the Lvl 0 Pokemon!
(Note: Do not attack, or they will faint)
-After your satisfied, use your Escape Rope
(Note: Do not Save in the pool unless you have an Escape Rope, or you'll be stuck there forever and must restart your whole game!)
Having tried many tricks with my old blue version, I can assure you that does not work. There is the truck parked to the right, but it cannot be moved and there is nothing under it. You cannot surf around the S.S. Anne, either. =\

Never did understand WHY that truck was there. It doesn't do anything, you can't see it unless you Surf, why does the coding exist? =\
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