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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

IDK if this one is true, but I'll just post it...

How to find Lvl 0 Pokemon (Including Mew)

[In R/B/Y...I think...I know it works in Yellow]

-Make sure you don't make the SS Anne leave
-Trade a Pokemon that knows Cut and continue the game as normal...
-After getting Surf and Strength, buy an ESCAPE ROPE
-Go to the SS Anne (NOT INSIDE IT)
-Surf around the ship, and find a rock...
-Use Strength on the rock
(Note: The Pokemon who used Strength will faint)
-Fall in the hole and you'll arrive in the Sliph Co. pool
-Walk around and you'll find the Lvl 0 Pokemon!
(Note: Do not attack, or they will faint)
-After your satisfied, use your Escape Rope
(Note: Do not Save in the pool unless you have an Escape Rope, or you'll be stuck there forever and must restart your whole game!)
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