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Default Re: Photoshop Chat

Originally Posted by Paperfairy
how do I USE the brushes? I downloaded some- but I dunno where to put them.


Thoughts: =[
First, you need to extract the ABR files from the files you downloaded. Then, copy them once you do.

Go to the drive where you have Photoshop installed. Then, go through the folders in this order:

Program Files -> Adobe -> Photoshop -> Presets -> Brushes

You should see some of the already installed brush sets there. Just paste the ones you downloaded into there. Now, even though they're in there, you still need to load them in Photoshop to be able to use them.

Load Photoshop and click on the brush tool. Now click on the drop down menu where you select the brush you want and the size. Up in the top right corner will be a tiny circled arrow. Click on it, and you'll get a really big menu. Just go down to Load Brushes.

Once you click on the ABR file you want to load, you'll likely get a message "Replace current brushes with the brushes from "Named Brush" ABR?


Ok - This will remove all the brushes that are currently on the drop down menu, and replace them will the new brushes you selected.

Apend - This will add the new brushes to the list, and leave the old ones alone.

If you find your brush menu is getting rather large and cluttered, just click on the arrow in the drop down menu again and click on "Reset Brushes." Just click ok and you'll brush menu will be reset again.

Hope that helped.