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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

Originally Posted by Skullking438 View Post
not to be rude but when i was in ectruteak all my pokemon were over lvl30, and i had 6 pokemon, do you battle every trainer you see, and do you fight wild pokemon often, because by the time your at the pokemon league if your pokemon arent 10 lvls higher then theirs you'll have a few problems but the team is ok lol just weak.

Not true. I remember last time I restarted, my team when I reached pokemon league was...

lv.42 Lugia
lv.42 Red Gyarodos
lv.40 Furret (beast and a half)
lv.43 Haunter
lv.41 Typhlosion
lv.43 Poliwrath

Normally I do have them at about level 55 but I wanted to see how low I could have a team to beat the Elite 4. I only used about 3 Hyper Poitons and 1 or 2 Revives.
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