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Default Re: Rukario or Lucario? Official Site May Have Solved Mystery!

Originally Posted by Missingno mystery
I think who ever comes up with the American names should be fired, there getting less and less creative each character . In the 2 different names they named, I can't explain the c for k but, remember that in Japan L's are R's (one of my favorites, "a Japanese camera goes CRICK" ). Personally, I DON'T wont a Mewthree, or Pokemon fusion! Those things are for fans ONLY !
Actually, a Japanese Camera would more likely go "Kurikku", or something to that effect. :P

And Marco, the fact that Game freak registered Lucario pretty much explains that that is how it will be. A lot of Pokemons Japanese names are like that, for example "Rizaadon" (Charizard) is actually "Lizardon", and "Sutoraiku" (Scyther) is "Strike".

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