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Default Re: New Pokemon: Rukario!

Honestly. The only reason Blaziken is next to Rukario is because they think the silhouette resembles him; I however can't see any sign of Blaziken in the silhouette.

Rukario seems to be nothing more than another Mew clone, much like Mewtwo. The silhouette might make people think "Blaziken", but a silhouette of Mewtwo in the same pose would make you think the same. Either way, the feet of both Mewtwo and Rukario are not built for a fighting type. The obtrusion on the back of the head is merely another pipe that seems to not connect; very unlikely that there'd be another one on the other side of its head (As the angle would easily show it).

If I was any good at copying shapes, I'd draw a render of Rukario myself to show you all what he looks like, from observation.

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