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WorkThoseStripes: Story Archive

About me: I always enjoyed writing, ever since we started studying it at school. When I was younger my mission was to become an author and I was always writing short stories that I'd read out to my class which were about dinosaurs! I stopped writing when I moved to secondary school, but when I came across PE2K forums I was motivated to pick it back up.

Old Work

Here is a list, a very short list to be fair, of older work that I have done in the psat year or two. The two stories that are unfinished have been abandoned, simply due to reading over the stories and realizing that my story writing skills and plot creating skills have definately, well, matured since then. Please expect some new styles shortly in the future.

Seven Paths
Genre: Adventure.
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Seven Eevee's are seperated from each other and five years later they begin to search for their lost family and a way home. It shows the different lives they lead, but how they are still the same Pokemon at heart.

Under Moon and Stars
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Discrimination.
Status: Complete.
Summary: One-Shot, very short as well. It's about a religios woman comforting a young girl in a castle. The both of them are on the run and have been outcast from society.

The Water's Essence
Genre: Romance/Action
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Hoenn has been at war for over one hundred years. Two children who were born to be enemies fall in love and it is up to them to stop the war and bring peace back to Hoenn.[/SIZE]

New Work

When reading through my old work, above, I was not very pleased with it, in fact, I think that I did a very poor job of writing what I was intending to. Well, a lot of time has passed since those three particular pieces of work and I am now writing things that I am a lot more proud of, having severely improved my skills. I recommend reading my new work, rather than my old..

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Status: Under Construction
Summary: 524, in Numerology, is roughly translated as 'dying isn't easy'. My story, 524, is a fantasy story, but many of the issues raised are based very strongly on reality. My ambitions is to write a story that is, in a sense, more realistic than a lot of the stories we read today, where thing seem to run smoothly and death is a peaceful moment where we look back upon our lives. It's very hard to summarize really, but is one of my best works so far. It concentrates mainly on the character Girl, but from time to time it will focus on a sentenced prisoner, Vega, both of whom are struggling to cope with an identity crisis, dealing with love and obsession and fear of other things beside death.

I should get a better summary.
Author Archive
Beauty and the Somewhat Beast
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