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In one of the Johto League Champions episode, the episode where the Murkrow steal James collection and Ash's Badges, Brocks says that the murkrow's knows how to deal with a teamwork, but then Ash replied that he needs to get back his badges because he also knows how to deal with a teamwork with his pokemon he wont get any badges in Johto at all, ash said that his teamwork with Charizard, PIDGEOTTO,Noctowl, Bayleaf makes him get those badges(when he spoke his pokemon name, memory of that battle is shown) but HALLOR! did ash has its Pidgeotto that Time it evolve in the last episode of season 1? when ash said Pidgeotto a Pidgeot image was shown, but another HALLOR! ash left his Pidgeot near his town, I've seen once Pidgeot in Johto when Charizard battled with it..
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