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BryceBoy10's Story Archive!

About Me: Since a very young age, I have taken to creating stories, and have grown drastically in content and description. I have won various awards for pieces of work that i have written and am considered one of the best in my state at my level. Recently, i have stumbled upon this forum and instantly grew attached to it and began to write my own stories, hope you like 'em.

Project: Repopulation

Genre: *Pokemon* - Action/Drama
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Status: *active* Prologue: Part One - Chapter 3
Summary: The Post-Apocalyptic survivors emerge from beneath the ground to find the world ravaged by war and the entire human and pokemon population has been exterminated. As they attempt to repopulate the world of both, a force long resting beneath the Earth rises to defeat them and conquer the planet for themselves.

The Morals Behind a Muder

Genre: *Pokemon* - Drama/Dark
Rating: PG-13/maybe R for strong violence and language
Status: *Finished*
Summary: [oneshot] A pokemon is forced to decide whether to obey its emotionally-unstable trainer when she commands him to kill her, or do the right thing by letting her live.

Intertwining Eras

Genre: *Pokemon* - Drama
Rating: PG for some violence and minor language
Status: *active* Chapter 1
Summary: A tattered old diary found by a emotionally-distant girl opens her mind to the possiblilities of the world as she discovers a long-gone friend in its pages. She becomes connected with the author in such a way that she has never felt, and longs to discover the actual person.


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