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Man these are topics most will talk about in high school in contemp problems.

Ahh well Capital punishment, i am for it i have no problem removing a person from society if it is for a justifiable reason. like those 2 kids who kidnapped another kid and murdered him just to see what it was like? where in the hell do they get the right to kill a person with no apparent remorse?

People say who's right is it for a murderer to be killed?

well what gave them the right to kill the person anyways ?

I know if someone came into your houses and slaughter your family just cause they want to see someone die you would want them dead and buried, hell i wouldnt give them a proper burial i would have them burned and then have their ashes burned in the process.

cost wise i agree it does cost to much to kill a murderer. so i say go back to the old vietnam days where all you had to do was walk up and shoot a person in the back of the head with 1 bullet. Cost effective no?

I have had a family member killed so i guess that influences my take on it but even if my uncle was still alive i more than likeley would still support it.

then there is a chance an innocent person maybe killed but there was a study that showed that a half of 1 percent of people on death row are innocent. and i find our system really messed up that some murderers are given chances to "redeem" themselves (i dont find that possible at all) and they go and murder another person, so it woulda been a heck of a lot easier to kill them and be done with it.

but if it is murder in self defense then i have no problem with it.

So i am FOR it.

I love the quote "Kill them and have God sort em out"

Death is the Ultimate Fairness
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