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It may be late, but since Nintendo decided not to support communications between GBA games (multiplayer modes) when running them on the DS, I think there will be a continuing market for the SP. At least until nobody is playing the GBA game versions.

Considering I'm still playing GSC (on my gold/silver GBC, no less), I'd guess I'll be running a couple SP's for a long while yet.

I have a kind of gameboy museum anyway (I love my transparent GB!), so probably will order one of these if I can get one -- or probably 2, since my player-buddy's favorite is Pikachu.

I still find the SP more comfortable in my hands for extended play. The DS is awkward. Helps to put the view on the touch-screen, but then the picture isn't as sharp. I'm not sold on the DS yet. I just am not crazy about the balance of the thing.

I just bought charizard and venusaur SPs at Pokemon Rocks America....
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