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Default US Presidential Election HQ

In this thread, I will post as much factual, objective info on the two presidential candidates for the United States Presidential Election to take place in 2004. I will update this periodically, and we'll hold our own election in the fall. You don't need to live in the US to participate in this.

Last Updated: March 22nd, 2004



John F. Kerry

Party: Democratic
Age: 61
Home State: Massachusetts
Current Occupation: US Senetor (Massachusetts)

Education: Yale University graduate

Military Service: served as a Swift Boat officer on a gunboat in the Vietnam War, and was awarded with the Bronze Star, Silver Star, Combat V, and the Purple Heart (three times) during that period.

Political Experience: served as the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, and has served four terms in the US Senate as a Massachusetts senetor


George W. Bush

Party: Republican
Age: 58
Home State: Texas
Current Occupation: President of the United States

Education: Yale University graduate; recieved an MBA from Harvard Business School

Military Service: served as an F-102 pilot in the Texas Air National Guard

Political Experience: served two terms in office as the Governor of Texas
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