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Default Pikachu SP!

Pikachu SP!

A special limited edition Pikachu SP will be released in Japan this month. Reservations for the Pikachu SP will begin on February 18 and end on February 28. The system will be available on March 5. Only limited quantities are available and they're expected to sell quick.

The GBA SP is in yellow (of course), it shows the Pikachu face on the body of the handheld and a silhouette of Pikachu on the inside.

It's not known whether or not the Pikachu SP will make a run in the US or anywhere else. However, the limited editions Groudon SP and Kyogre SP did make a run at the Pokemon Center NY store, both of which are sold out. The Torchic SP is also gone. If you still want to get a Pokemon themed GBA SP, your options are the Charizard SP and the Venusaur SP (released to celebrate the launch of FireRed/LeafGreen). The Charizard SP and Venusaur SP are currently being sold exclusively at the Pokemon Center NY store or at their online store at .

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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