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Default Graphic Arts Tutorials

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

People, this is getting to the point where it's just SICKENING. There are FAR too many people who suck at using MSPaint now, to the point where it's getting out of hand. The next fusion/recolor sprite that I see that sucks, I'm killing everyone. So I made a nice tutorial for you all so you may learn what I know. Isn't that lovely?

This Chart is referenced a lot.


This is a biggie.
I'm going to be rather blunt with you. The colors MS paint gives you SUCK. DO NOT USE THEM!
(Exceptions being the black, the two greys, and the white)

When I go around and see sprites that use the basic colors, it hurts my eyes. And it bleeds. It really does.

"How do we change this, TMTS?" You ask? The answer is QUITE SIMPLE my friends! Just simply Double-click on a square in your pallette you aren't using, and a little window pops up!

Click "Define Custom Colors >>"

And Hazzah! You now have a VERY wide range of colors to pick from, ranging into the millions!

For this example I did a complex grayscale pallette, but it can be done with any color, and when it comes to sprites, you RARELY have to do that many, especially for a recolor. 5 or so is usually good.

You can also select two colors at a time, for your convenience. Just right-click the second color, and now whenever you right-click in the drawing area, it'll use the second color. Also when you do this, whenever you erase anything (don't use the eraser! (BLUE) ) by moving around with the square selector (see red). Same goes for the eyedropper (yellow) which will be explained later.

LESSON TWO: Transparencies, and getting to know the toolbar!

No. Not acceptable. This is perfectly fixable! First, when you're moving the sprite or w/e, select it, of course.

Now drag it over to the bg or whatever, and click the option marked in PURPLE on the tool reference chart. This will make whatever your second-color is transparent as you drag it over your bg.

UH OH! That white on Qwilfish's tail is transparent!
Never fear! for this can also be fixed easily! But first, we must learn about MAGNIFICATION!

Marked in GREEN above, the magnifier

Is an invaluble tool in paint, especially when spriting. Most people will recommend x 8 magnification, so use that. magnify your area you need to work, and click the x8 when you go to magnify again.

Now that we have it magnified, we need to fix that blue part!

Just select the white color which was erased when it was transparenced, and use the paint-splash tool (marked in orange) to color in what needs to be fixed.

All done! YAY! That wasn't so hard, was it?


This is barely a section, but nowadays most people like it when you save files as .PNG. This not only saves space on your computer, but also allows for a bigger image without being smashed through Photobucket or whatever. When you go to "save as", go down to the file type.

Select .PNG, and save as you normally would.


It's been MAIMED!

Sadly, people, I've seen worse. I really have.

IF you're going to do recolors, make a sprite tower. It helps. It's worth the time, and it keeps it organized.

NOW, in the SCAREY event you'd actually WANT to do a blue pikachu... I'll show you how it's done.

First, using the eyedropper tool, make a chart of all the shades in a pikachu.

Now slowly replace each color with the corresponding one, until you're done.

Hazzah! Now how good does THAT look?

(Or, you could find a program that does this FOR you, such as... never mind, this is a PAINT tutorial.)

LESSON FOUR: Extra tips and tricks, and Metalizing.

Just a few small points to get to before moving on to a new section.

- NEVER expand/mizimise with paint. PLEASE Don't. It makes it look like CRAP.
-...especially sprites
-When making banners, a simple black border around the edge does WONDERS, but you can add to that and make it spiffy with a metalized border, explained in a little bit.
-If you're going to ADD to a sprite or something, make it connect by including a black/whatever color border, and add shading to what you added so it MATCHES the sprite.
-NEVER save as .GIF. GIFs suck. They look like crap and should only be used when animating, or when it's ABSOLUTLY necessary.

Metalizing is really easy, and can give borders/sprites that extra flare.

Simply do multiple squares or w/e of slightly different shades of black/grey in color order, and you get a really cool effect!

And voila! Spiffy-ness WITH PAINT! Wow! (results are the conan banner in my sig)

You can take this several steps further if you want by using other colors, but this works pretty good.

Here's something I did 2-8-05, messing with a complex sprite tower of a greyscale. It turned out pretty good, and might give a few ideas for the people like me stuck with paint.

LESSON FIVE: More cool shortcuts!

Just a few shortcuts to make your life a bit easier.

CTRL+C - copies whatever's selected
CTRL+V - Pastes what was copied last
PRNT SCRN/ Print Screen- Takes a screenshot of the screen at the time. Then can be pasted with CTRL+V. (see image below for location for the mentally impaired)
thanks D.2

CRTL+E,1,TAB,1,Enter- Minimises the area of the paint screen to one pixil, so you can paste whatever to minimize your workspace, or if you want to quicly crop by slecting what you were working on (let's say a button) and then doing this, and pasting. Magically it'll be cropped. (I use this A LOT)
CTRL+E- brings up atributes for the window, I like to start with 1000x1000 for big prodjects so I can copy every single step of the way as I go through, incase I mess up! (Paint can only "UNDO" 3 times...)
CTRL+Z- Undo. Very Helpful if you're spriting and paint splash the wrong pixil.

LESSON SIX: Cropping stock images to perfection..

Now, in the even you'd want to use stock images, to make something look nice, you want to remove the square-border around it, or if it has a few frilly white spots around the edge of the image (especially with GIFs or anime pictures of pokemon or w/e), you might just want to remove them. Here's how, explicitly explained with 7 WHOLE PICTURES! WOW!

Step one: get your picture. For this example, I'm using a diglett, mearly for simplicity.

Step two: Uh oh! You got a cool background or w/e, but those frilly white spots around the picture don't look too good!

Step three: Make a nice square around the picture off to the side using the tools indicated

and then fill it in with a color like bright red or black, one that shouldn't appear very much on the picture or w/e.

And slowly erase any trace of white-grey. I recomend bright red for this reason, but for some reason I used black in this example. Bear with me...

Step four: Now that you're done isolating the picture, it's time to place it back on the bg!

If you read earlier, you SHOULD know how to do this, but...

Seeing as ironicly that shade of black is in the image, paintsplash your mini-work area with another color, like red.

Do a transparent replace, and you are done! This example looks like crap, but that's because I kinda sped through it... I trust anyone can do better... I hope... continued there.
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