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Default Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

WHat was Norman and Caroline's reaction when May dropped the news she was entering contests? Were they happy/upset, I got to know, it's killing me.

Norman has a Golduck? He's going to use Vigorath/Slaking, and a Golduck? I thought he'd use a Linoone because one has not been seen on Hoenn and Norman has a ZIgzagoon in the game so shouldn't the writers have him use a Linoone? Ugh, writers, never can figure them out when NOW they got Norman cheating on Caroline? PErsonally, the story on Ned Wakefield and Alice Wakefield was 10 times better with Ned running for mayor and Alice working long hours on Sweet Valley High. There was never any other people involved, except Nixon type crooks.
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