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Smile !!!!!!!!!!!Diamond4ever's trading thread!!!!!!!!!!!

I have mystry mews (cloned from emerald)
non shinies:
dialga 57
palkia 51
phiones eggs
manaphy 18/59
zapdos 54/100
lucario 23/53/100
blazakin 73
regigigass 70 almost untouched
creselia 50 untouched
uxie azelf mesprit
lugia 73 ?
ho-oh70 slightly touched
suicune 52
riolu eggs
deoxys (attack 53,normal 44 HACKED, and speed 75)
celibi 42/53
ho oh 84 legit

i am ok with hacked pokes please tell me if they are hacked though

ill update my list every 5 days

pbr pikachu
shines (ill put some up 4 trad somtimes)
event items or pokes (no manaphy)
Happy trading
diamond fc PAT
2493 6066 7431

Trade thread under maitenence

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