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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

OOC: YAY! looks like i am up next! Kinda long.... oh well!

Alex watched in a panic-soaked fear as the chubby man half-carried, half-dragged Gear back into the room, before throwing the boy against the wall, followed quickly by a muffled thump. The man didnt even bother to remove the fellow boy's blindfold. Alex didnt dare move, speak, or to let himself even think, for if he did, he knew that the man would respond in a brutally physical way. The pain-stricken faces of the surrounding children vanished instantly into a deep darkness as the itchy blindfold was lowered over his eyes. "Get moving, you worthless piece of crap," the man wheezed in his face, his stale breath showed signs of whiskey and tobacco. A series of painful twists and turns later brought Alex into a large brightly-lit room in which a single operating chair sat among a jumble of needles and IV's. A crackly voice greeted them as they entered the room and Alex was forced into a sitting position. Cold, clammy hands grasped his arm and held it firmly iin the air, putting a strain on his already sore biceps. Before long, a freezig metal instrument was lowered to his arm, to the exact place that he had already been punctured, and it suddenly jabbed deep into his arm. "Aahhh get this thing out of me!" Alex couldnt hold back anymore. A freezing sensation took over his body and rendered him as an icecube, unable to move;just frozen in time.

Then as suddenly as it had come, the cold feeling vanished; only to be replaced by an unbearable burning deep in his blood. Alex screamed and cried in agony, begging the men to let him go. But as the last drop of the fluid they had injected into him settled, the pain vanished and he was left there drenched in a cold sweat. The man pulled him to his feet, practically yanking his arm out of its socket, and pushed him further into another direction. "Get in here, I dont want you pissing in your cell like the last one!" the man screamed in his ear as the blindfold was removed and the world snapped back into view. He found himself in a scummy, dirty bathroom, housing rusted pipes and sinks Alex closed the door quietly and slouched down with his back against it. He couldnt go back out there, with those maniacs, he had to get away!

Quickly devising a plan in his mind, he thrust open the door and dropped to the floor, hoping to stay hidden behind the medical chair. The two men looked in the direction of the bathroom, obviously wondering where the boy had gone. Seizing this chance, Alex scuffled around behind them and pulled himself to his feet. He quietly chuckled to himself as he limped down the hall, amused at how easily he had escaped. But that smile slowly slid from his face as he saw the shadow of a distorted creature rise against the wall. He turned to see a bloated purple creature seemingly floating in his direction, and Alex found himself unable to move his feet. He struggled, kicking his feet in every direction as he was raised into midair by a purple haze emissioned from the creature. "No! NOOO!" Alex screamed in frustration as the creature's haze followed the ghostly beast back into the operation room.

"Nice work Gengar!" the man exclaimed, giving the Gengar a look of affection before turning to scowl at Alex. His hand rose into the air and came down hard agianst Alex's cheek, knocking him to the ground, where he was dragged back into the cell room where the other children were sitting, shaking with fright at the scene of this. Alex was thrust back into the dingy little cell and the door came shut with a thundering crash before the man turned to the cell across from his.

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