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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

"Might as well get you next little man..." said the fat man as he looked towards my cell, "Why is your head stuck in between the bars? And why do I smell piss?"

"Well its actually a long and painful process of being stuck in here! Let me or I will kick your ass!" I said as I tried to bite him as he opened my cell gate. All he did in response was laugh his ass off. He then grabbed the bars around my head and let me out.

"Now be quiet little kid," He said as he blind folded me, "Follow me and I promise you, your death will be quick and painless..." I couldn't see anything behind the blindfold, but as he opened the door I could see the rays of light all around me. He then pushed me onto a bench where yet another man came in.

"Who do we have hear?" said an elderly voice. I could hear the presumably old man rummaging through some of his drawers (sp?).

"His name...I think it was David or some ****..." Said the voice of the fat man, "Why do you even care sir? All he is now is a pitiful creature..." A felt something on my left arm sting me. I fell unconscious unaware what they were doing to me...all I could feel was an intense burning sensation rushing through my veins. I awoke a few minutes later, unaware of what they have just done.

"Should me let him into the restroom to freshen up?" asked the elderly voice.

"No need, he seems to have done that in his cell already!" said the fat man in a joyous tone of voice. The two then began to laugh.

"Yeah keep laughing you son of a..." I grumbled under my breath. He grabbed me by the neck and started to walk towards my cell. He then pushed me into the cell leaving me with my blind fold on.

OOC: I wonder who will be next =O
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