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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

After finishing up, I quickly got angered by the voice of the boy next to me.

"Yeah were the freaks, look at yourself!" I said as Hit my head against his bars ,"Ow ow ow..." I feel to my back after hitting myself against the bars. "I got to stop doing that," I said softly I as I lay on the ground. I quickly got to my feet as I felt a stream of some liquid touch my face. I then grabbed my hat before it can bee touched by it and went to go lean against the bars. I then decided to stop acting on impulse like a wild animal and just keep calm as I awaited my death by some guys in odd costumes.

"Everyone can you guys shut up?" I said as I rubbed my head, "Acting like wilds animals and yelling won't get us through this predicament..."

OOC: I was just stating out your mistake, nothing mean ma'am
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