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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

I got up immediately once I heard the sound of a young girl. I turned to my right and looked at her for a brief second and sighed.

"I don't think any of these freaks know where we are so why don't you shush and relax some more," I whispered into her cage, "I think I might be able to break out if I try to use my nails to make the bars breakable." I turned away from her and began to use my steel fingers to wore out the metal bars. "This is going to take awhile," I thought as sparks flew into my eye, "Guess my goggles can come in handy right now..." I started to kick the bars in frustration because of my full bladder. "I can't take a piss in front of all these people!" I thought to myself as I put my fingers into my hair thus knocking off my hat. I then began to ram my body into the bars in some effort to break away and get home, but it was useless. With my spirit broken I hit my head against the bars. "Crack!" The bars slightly bended forward and all that can be seen on my face was a huge smile.

[OOC: I used a slight iron head when I hit my head against the bar, hope you don't mind]
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