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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

OOC: I know how you feel Bryce, I did the same thing last night. Stayed up reading the book 'till 3, and only slept 'til 10.

IC: Bekah jumped as the people in the cages around her stirred. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she realized they had the same symptoms as her. The cage across from her contained a girl. She seemed to have just awakened, gazing at her pink hands in disbelief. She had a look of horror as she screamed, realizing that her hair was a darker shade of pink. It occurred to Rebekah, that her hair could've changed color as well, but due to the fact it was so short, she was unable to check.

In the cell to the girl's left (Bekah's right), a tall boy called out to the person in the cage to Bekah's right. In that cage leaning against the wall was another boy. This one's skin was green, and Rebekah saw a brief image of a green alien.

In the cage to Bekah's left, another boy sat with his legs crossed. This one seemed to be completely red. He kept grumbling to himself. Bekah only caught a few words. To this boy's left, another cage contained a boy who was just waking up.

To the right of the pink girl, was another girl who was still asleep. The cage next to hers was empty.

Summoning the courage to speak out loud, she asked them, "Does anyone know what's happening?"

OOC: Yeah tried to explain what cages each person is in to make it easier. Here's a pic to make it a bit clearer:

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