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Originally Posted by xineki View Post
This is a page from Bulbapedia with most of the glitches in the games. Mind you, there are are a few more than are listed, this just gives a good idea. old Pokemon RBY had so many glitches I'm surprised anyone could play it.
It had so many glitches because it was a simple pixelated game, which was very addicting. Also, it was just Gamefreaks first game. 20+ people to create that game, and to create the trade link. It was one of the best game idea's of today. Just look at it now. Missingo was probably and most likely still one of the most reconized glitches of R/B/Y versions. And Pokemon Trainer Sarah is right. It isn't a bad egg exactly, it just won't hatch until you get the National Dex (either that, or you won't just get the data. Instead of an 009 showing up for Blastoise's number, a ??? shows up.)
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