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Default Re: (RP)Pokemon: Project DNA

OOC: Sorry, my description isnt up to par, i am sooooo tired....... [i just got back from getting 2 copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with my dad and have been reading for the past hour, so i am VERY sleepy!]
Anyways, the words/ speech at the end of my IC POST is directed towards Draconic Espeon!


The sharp jolt of coldness that seeped through the metallic walls brought a sudden shock to the boy's back. Alex winced slightly as he shifted postitions, trying to find one that was comfortable. His head was throbbing as though he had been blugened repeatedly with a blunt object, and felt as though it would pop off at any given moment. This pain was nothing however compared to the searing slash on his forearm, which housed a long gash, covered in a bubbling green goo that seemed to be coming from within his own body. He thoroughly examined every inch of his body, though this had to be at least the twenty-sixth time doing so. His skin, which had just recently been tanned a deep orange-brown was now dyed a light blue, and did not come off no matter how hard he would try scrubbing. The hands that met at the ends of his long, muscled forearms had extended past their normal length, and had become webbed, resembling that of a duck. His feet had grown to resemble his hands as well. Alex's once buzzed, stubble hair had grown out in sharp, wavy spikes that were dark-blue in color. This had all felt like some horrid, unescapable dream hours ago, but Alex now realized that this was reality, and he was here and now, confined to some stuffy, cramped cell. Up to this point, he was unaware that anyone else was within the vacinity of the area, though that changed when he heard a soft shuffling scrape issuing from beyond his prison bars. Pressing his face against these, he squinted into the gloom cast down from the sinlge flickering bulb set in the ceiling. He could now vaguely identify a long row of cells similar to his, though each held a crumpled shape. Alex focused on the one opposite his, and witnessed the distorted shape as it rose into the body of a human, though it looked as if it was struggling for air. He was elated that he was not the only one in this situation, and without thinking called out, "Hey, hey you there?"


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