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Default Re: Pokemon TCG: EX Deoxys Giveaway!

Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33
mr. pe2k... by signing up giving address and e-mail, does that put us on some sort of mailing list? i've seen so many contests where that ends up being the only purpose

i'll enter anyway. even if there is a mailing list, it would be nice to get some mail once in a while. lol.
[doubt]not like i'll win[/doubt]

lol, nope, you won't be on a mailing list. The information from the entry will only be used if it's a winner, obviously for sending the prize lol.

You never know. People tend to win if they expect not to win. Like for example, the the last giveaway, the grand prize winner said he entered with no expectations of winning (which I think is a good way to look at it, just don't have high hopes so you won't get crushed if you don't win) and I'm sure it was a great surprise for him to win.
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