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Default Re: The Hall Of fame.

Originally Posted by Blaziken Knight View Post
this seems TOO MUCH like the General Spriters Showcase....really

Not really. The Spriter's Showcase (for how Ive come
to know it) is a place where people go to show their
sprites, and get some crits on it and show off. Here,
only the BEST sprites are featured.

However, though you say this is not a contest, still,
it kind of is. To make it not really a contest, whereas
you look at which one would make it into the Hall
of Fame, you should have a poll. Where you put
up a sprite the person sends to you with their username
next to it, then have a weekly poll for who should
be put in the Hall of Fame. Now, Im not really sure
how this whole poll-thing is put up, but this is just an idea.

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