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Originally Posted by xineki View Post
I haven't found many that equaled the originals in RSE either. Heck, to me Rayquaza seems to be wearing lipstick.
I still liked all the starters though. Camerupt, Wailord (looks like the back end was pasted on in MSpaint, I mean, theres a line for crying out loud!), Manectric (pyramid head?), every single bird pokemon in the game... they are all decidedly sub-par, at least to my sense of style, or lack thereof.

Most aren't really bad looking, its just as if they ran out of ideas in this set.

GSC pokemon were still awesome, if a bit mediocre

They really seem to have picked up the slack in DP. However, unlike every other generation, I can't stand the fire starter,,,a monkey!? Well, it looks cool in its final form anyway But the legendaries... Great Jumping Grandma-on-a-Stick the new legendaries beat every other generation hands down! and there are a lot of them too! man...i wish i had a DS
I hear ya! The pokemon in D/P are awesome. Tyranitar in Fr/Lg looked okay, but in D/P, he looks fantastic! I didn't like marowak in r/s/e, he looked cool in fr/lg though. I, too, wish I had a DS. G/S/C pokemon were alright, r/b were inferior to yellow. And Rayquaza wearing lipstick...I have trouble getting past that every time I look at his stats.
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