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Default xXPolichuXx Sprite Shop [xXPikachuXx and politoed123]

Welcome To politoed123 and My Sprite Shop!
Approved by Azumao

No Spamming
No Bad Words
No Flaming
Be Nice
Use The Forms

Ok This Is the Stuff I can Do [Politoed Will Post His On The Third Post]


What Base Pokemon[1]:
What Pokemon [2]:
What Pokemon Colors[Optional I Can Choose]:


What Pokemon:
What Colors:


Overworld Sprite:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Shirt Style:
Shirt Color:
Pants Style:
Pants Color:
Shoe Style:
Shoe Color:
Anything Extra [like wings or something]:
A Battle Sprite To Match[Optional]:

Trainer Cards:

Trainer Card:
What Trainer [Please Supply]:
What Pokemon[Seven Allowed]:
What Card [Describe And i'll probaly Be Able To Make It]:
What Badges:
How Many Badges:

Trainer Morphs:

Trainer Morphs:
What Trainer [Please Supply]:
What Pokemon:
Anything Extra[Like A Pokeball Or The Pokemon Standing Next to You Ect.]:

Order Away!

My Pikachu Sparky, Thanks Hakumeineko!
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