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Default Re: GameShark/Action Replay Codes

Originally Posted by Roy G Biv View Post
I bought a Game Shark for the sole purpose of Pokemon Leaf Green. But wouldn't ya know it dosen't work on my Leaf Green! It works on my friend's Leaf Green, Emerald and Fire Red but not on MY Leaf Green and that's the only game it dosen't work on! What's up with this, I did buy LG used... Could that have anything to do with it?
I know you're going to return from vacation or whatever tomorrow, but I just felt like saying that you're making sure that you're using the correct codes for the correct version of your game...there are codes for FireRed/LeafGreen version 1.0 and a WHOLE DIFFERENT SET OF CODES for version 1.1. You see, there are 2 different versions of FireRed and LeafGreen, which means they are 2 separate games, which means that there are 2 different sets of Gameshark codes for each version. I'm not sure if there's an easy way to tell the difference from what version you have, but here's one way...try the codes for Version 1.0:
Version 1.0 Gameshark Codes

and if those don't work, try version 1.1:
Version 1.1 Gameshark codes

That way, you may be able to see what version of LeafGreen you have, which is probably different than the one your friend has. Hope that helps!

P.S.Don't ask me why they made 2 seperate versions of the game, 'cause I don't really know...

EDIT:I was feeling kinda friendly today, so I'll give you the Pokemon modifier codes for both versions also...:)
Version 1.0:
Wild Pokemon Modifier-List 1
Wild Pokemon Modifier-List 2

Version 1.1:
Wild Pokemon Modifier-List 1
Wild Pokemon Modifier-List 2

NOTE:Just makin' sure that you're using the same cheat device, here's an example pic.:
Game Shark SP (Black)
(Also comes in clear-ish/white)

(Heh...yeah...I spend quite a bit of time on my Gameshark...)

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