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Default Re: Pokemon: Project DNA

Dan groaned, his voice sounding cracked in his ears. He felt pain all over him, a deep ache seeming to come from his bones. The cold, hard ground beneath him didn't help much, though there seemed to be some kind of thick, smooth blanket under his back and arms. Odd...

Slowly, his eyes openned. For just a moment, everything seemed red, like he was looking through tinged glass, until his eyes came into focus. Then, all around him was gray. The low ceiling of whatever kind of room he was in, the steel bars that made up the walls... Needless to say, it wasn't comforting. He quickly closed his eyes again. He desperately wanted to go home and just lay down, despite the fact that he had no idea where he was. Even in the brief glimpse he'd gotten, everything was cold and lifeless. For once, he missed boring old Michigan.

Knowing he couldn't lay on the hard ground any longer, Dan slowly sat up, wincing. Every little movement hurt. It was like something was up with his bones, or something. Eyes half closed, he dragged himself over to one of the walls to lay up against. Too involved in his movements and the pain they caused, the relevance of steel bars didn't come to him. He managed to lean his back against the bars and sighed heavily. He glanced down at his hands... And gasped. His hands, his arms... They were green. Gright green, with stripes of darker green. What was going on? What was wrong with him?

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