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Default Re: Pokemon The Movie: Destiny Deoxys on KidsWB!

Originally Posted by TMTS
*chokes and dies*

The plot, much like the series, was very predicatble in my opinion, beyond the stuff that is impossible to guess. You KNOW ash is going to save the day. YOU KNOW deoxys isn't going to kill everyone. you KNOW Tori's going to love pokemon at he end. You KNOW a lot of stuff is going to happen. I never read any spoilers, but it was still fairly predictable. It was pretty good though, I never gave my rating.

And I HAVE to agree with you, L w/ C, about the theme song thing. VERY disapointing. "This side of Paradice" was O.K...
Well, I didn't understand why Deoxys and Rayquaza were fighting, and I was thrown when that stone/jewel thing became a Deoxys itself! That's what I meant by surprised. Of course no one's going to die, and of course Ash will save the day, but you must also consider the targeted audience. I wish that for once they would make one specifically for an older audience. ^__^ That would be some REAL fun!
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