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Default Re: Da ink's and Electric's sprite bazzar!! Open and taking requests!!

Originally Posted by Myst3rio565 View Post
"Wow...What have we created...."* runs out of lab for a minute* ITS A MONSTER!! AHHHHHH!! *some more random voices* -CHOP OFF ITS LITTLE DO-HICKEY ON TOP OF ITS HEAD!!- *a couple more random voices followed by me running into the lab* "I'll save the day!!" *pulls out shotgun...BANG!!* -yaargh!! Blerrg!! YU-GI-OH!!(??)- *dead....*

"OK, re-do! Please...Erm, Arcanine+Flygon, Aracanine body, Flygons colors, Flygon's wings...Please, FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS!! (God?) SAVE US ALL MAN!!"
Hey you were the one that requested that creature
and use the forms please