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Default Re: Best Fire Pokemon

Originally Posted by Syurba View Post
Like i said before.. Groudon is a ground type.
Anyway.. What pokemon should I pick as a flying pokemon?
Either Dodrio or Altaria? Which one has better attacks??
Personally I'd go with Aerodactyl, who has the speed+attack thing down. Altaria isnt that great offensivly, more wallish, but theres better walls imo. Not sure if your looking for an in game team or comp team.

But yeah, the best flying last gen were probably Aerodactyl, Zapdos, Gyarados and Skarmory.

Thats of course ignoring the >600 BST pokemon. I dont think Salamence and Dragonite have to be mentioned, and the other legendary birds are inferior to those above because of their move pool tbh.

If your definatly going with one of those two, its entirely up on what you plan on doing with them. But if its in game, what you use really dosnt matter; its just down to prefrence then as anything works in game tbh.

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