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Default Re: Pokemon The Movie: Destiny Deoxys on KidsWB!

Rayquaza should be pronnounced slightly how it is in the Japanese movie (Rekkuza). I mean, the Eng and Japanese names aren't that different; how could 4Kids possibly pronounce it wrong? I refuse to pronounce it "Ray-Qway-zah". Of course, I assume that "Deo-ohcks-sis" is similarly pronounced as the Japanese "Dee-ock-shiss".

Also, can someone check the WAV file I posted and tell me if Deoxys keeps the Japanese voice, or do they get some boring guy who calls out Bingo numbers to say "Deoxys" (As they did with Absol in the 6th movie)?

EDIT: I just saw the clip at the 4Kids website... The clip isn't even more than a minute long, and that alone is terrible.

Firstly, Rondos voice is terrible. The Dub voice doesnt match him at all. Tooi only says "Thankyou daddy" in the clip, but I can still tell the difference between the Dub and original voices. I also noticed how they changed the voices of the Spheal, Sealeo and Walrein too. But the worst edit of all...

4Kids had the animators completely redraw the 10-15 seconds that Deoxys is first shown on the screen. I mean, what the hell? In the Japanese version, when Deoxys stands up and scans the ground his body is merely a silhouette. This adds the the idea that he is evil. However, 4Kids for some reason thought that making him completely visible (When all the dust of the impact is sure to restrict eyesight) would be better. A reason they may have done this is because some people might not have realised it was a damn Deoxys, much like they added scenes into the 4th movie (When Ash and co talked to Prof. Oak at the end) just because they thought that American kids wouldn't realise that Sammy is Prof. Oak. I'm sure now more than anything that 4Kids is either dubbing the series for little 5 year olds that don't get plots, or they think both American and English kids are morons.

If I get a chance I'll import the American DVD, but I surely dread whatever other changes they've made to the movie. If they did just a minute or two so badly then there must be many more subtle edits that take away the greatness of the Japanese version. *Continues to download Pokemon 7 Sub*

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