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Default Re: Pokemon The Movie: Destiny Deoxys on KidsWB!

FYI: Yes, they pronounced Rayquaza's name wrong, but Deoxys is indeed pronounced Dee-ocks-sis.

I thought it was's the only movie I've seen outside of the first one, and I have to say it wasn't quite as cheesy as I thought it would be. I also got really POed at the commercials, but I was more mad at the way they cut to them...since I was taping it, I was looking for the cues that most stations put in to warn tapers of a commercial break, IE the logo fading or reapperaing, or a scripted cut. But on this movie...holy CRAP. They cut to commercial at the worst possible times, without a single warning. About 10 minutes of my tape is filled with the first 3 seconds after a break. GAH, that annoyed me.

But otherwise, it was OK.
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