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Default Re: Pokemon The Movie: Destiny Deoxys on KidsWB!

Originally Posted by TMTS

Also, I was REALLY tired of commercials every 5 minutes. Especially when the smae commercial airs twice in one break. Also, dunno about you, but scrolling text while compressing the screen about some event of on the station should be BANNED. I didn't see ONE break where they didn't advertise that damn 7th heaven thing. LET ME WATCH MY MOVIE IN PEACE!

First off, I do totally agree with the interruptions statement. I felt extremely annoyed at Jirachi Wish Maker, last night on Cartoon Network, for the same reasons. But, I thought that Kids WB did a better job than CN did in its presentation.

I just completed the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed Destiny Deoxys. It was a great film, much to my surprise. I was thrown in for twists and turns, and could not comprehend the plot until late in the movie. But that’s why I loved it so much! It kept you guessing! The sci-fi nature of the movie injected into Pokémon a fresh new energy, that for me, at least, rejuvenated my creativity where Pokémon is concerned. This movie reminded me of seeing old Japanese movies, and how weird and unique they are. I think that the movie ties in with the Japanese culture, of being very hi-tech, while still having creativity of their own. (By this, I mean, in a world where machines do everything for you, creativity usually does not take a presence.) I absolutely thought that the movie was the best produced thus far, however I know that there will be many that differ in opinion. Nevertheless, I rate it a 9.3/10.
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