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Post Re: Your Help Is Needed!

Originally Posted by EderFranco View Post
touch's right, swampert is stronger and inmune to electric attacks, but u should keep in mind that in emerald u won't see any good fire type pokemon until u unlock the safari zone, witch u do AFTER beatting the E4, also that there are many good water type pokemon like ludicolo, milotic, walrein, gorebyss and starmie. and that sceptile it's a fast grass type, with a LARGE movepool.
so, IMO pick it ramdonly since no1 will dissapoint u

PS: Plz don't create "help me", "what do i do", "what do u think", "where is it" threads, it's annoying, be more specific in the title like: "I need help WITH STARTERS", "what do i do AFTER BEATING THE E4", "what do u think OF MY TEAM", "where is FEEBAS"
OK, I'll keep that in mind next time. That's two to Mudkip - but I'm still not sure...
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