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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Originally Posted by umbreon606 View Post
I need to now how to get endeaver on Rattata and wish on Eevee. If anyone knows how please tell.

well, i dont know if this is the only way, but the way i did it was i got a togepi on route 230 (the island in the middle of the water) and taught it wish. make sure the togepis male. then i taught it wish by level up. next i evolved it to a togetic and then caught a pikachu at the mansion (female).put them both in the daycare and breed so pikachu can learn wish. pikachus in the same egg group as eevee, so get female eevee and breed it with the pikachu that knows wish (make sure its male). and bam, an eevee that knows quite sure theres an easier way but this is one way.
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