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Default Pokemon FireRed Reaches Top 10 Selling Video Games in 2004!

Pokemon FireRed Reaches Top 10 Selling Video Games in 2004!

Another year, another top 10 for Pokemon.

Pokemon FireRed took sixth place for the best selling video game in the US for 2004. Considering the game was a remake just adds to the achievement. Although Pokemon LeafGreen barely missed the top 10 which finished at 11th (just a difference of about a thousand to get to 10th), the two games combined sales would have made the combo the fourth best selling games.

The full list - Best Selling Video Games in the US for 2004
1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) - 5.1 million units sold
2. Halo 2 (XBOX) - 4.2 million units sold
3. Madden NFL 2005 (PS2) - 3.2 million units sold
4. ESPN NFL 2K5 (PS2) - 1.5 million units sold
5. Need for Speed: Underground 2 (PS2) 1.4 million units sold
6. Pokemon FireRed (GBA) - 1.2 million units sold
7. NBA Live 2005 (PS2) - 1.2 million units sold
8. Spider-Man: The Movie 2(PS2) - 1.1 million units sold
9. Halo (XBOX) - 1.1 million units sold
10. ESPN NFL 2K5 (XBOX) - 1 million units sold

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen (Combined) - 2.3 million units sold
Pokemon FireRed: 1.27 million
Pokemon LeafGreen: 1.09 million
ESPN NFL 2K5 (XBOX): 1.098 million, Pokemon LeafGreen: 1.097 million (about a one thousand difference)

Also, Pokemon Colosseum claimed the title of the best selling GameCube game in 2004. Without a doubt, Pokemon Colosseum helped the sales of the GameCube.

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