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Exclamation Raik's Chimecho TCG Promo (Custom Made)

Okay, Raik requested this in Jet's request thread, but because I don't want to invade on his property, I will make a new thread, plus to get more attention to the thing. Raik decided to request a Chimecho. Because I pictuer Raik as an evil lil bugger, I made the card a Dark Type and I gave the Chimecho evil bat like wings (He requested wings...) I gave two attacks that I thought were evil enough, but not too evil (to keep the cute-ness of the mon). I made up Death Chime (I Think) As for the picture, It is 100% original, made by me! I just cut the wings from a Golbat and resized/recolored them. Well... now enough of my babblin... here is the card that you have all been waiting for! The font mite be off, but don't yell at me! Here:

What do you think? Raik, you can take it, and please give comments.
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