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Default Re: Pokémon-themed Magic: the Gathering block

I've seen some of these before, IIRC. Back in PC, I think. o_O

The evolution mechanic needs a lot of work.

Anyways, vulpix is meh. Ninetales is busted.

I don't think clefairy and clefable are being done in the manner you want it to happen. They bounce before combat damage is assigned. This means that they won't kill whatever they block, but they'll still be considered blocked/blocking (depending on whether the cle's are attacking or blocking).

Grimer is generic.

Pokedex and slowpoke look ok.

Masterball is ok. Psychic is weird, and probably should be cut from the set, since it lacks synergy. Sabrina is busted. She's opposition, except 3 times more powerful if you play pokemon. Unknown Dungeon's just a filter land.

Blastoise: flavour problem. When in magic, you don't consider pokemon by TYPE, rather than by its philosophy. This means that a Rain dance Blastoise is actually green (counter intuitive ftw). Beedrill is..hmmm....weird. Give you credit for trying something creative there, though. It feels like a Pride of the Clouds, either way.

Arbok and dream eater are fine.

ability should be "untap target noncreature artifact other than mysterious truck".
Strange card, might be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the input you have from me will be the only input you get. :-/
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