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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

On alakazam. my theory of recover is that, if you need to do it once because of low HP, then you'll be KOed by the next turn. His Def isnt good enough to support a recovering move. So I put calm mind in there in the event that if he has some calm time, with a weak pokemon or one that doesnt attack often he can stat boost allittle more. And with alakazam, if you have any turns at all, which you will with the high speed, you should be using them to Psychic, fire, or ice punch. Which is usually a ohko. So I dont think recover or calm mind will get much usage. With ala its just sweep until you die. Simple as that.

On ninetales. Why attract and confuse ray? Alls they have to do is switch out, and when they do, they can select. hmm. maybe, a water pokemon to kill you, or make you switch out. So why waste two move slots on temporary status afflictions when you can burnshuffle them instead? You make a RANDOM pokemon come out and you can burn most of the team. I didnt forget about that moveset, it was just bad.

Heres your ninetales Vs.lanturn
Ninetales:confuse ray
Lanturn:switch out
Gyrados in
Ninetales confuse ray
Gyrados has lum berry

On tentacruel. Yes I did consider Slude bomb, but I didnt want the EVs to stretch too much. And the reason (duH) that I have evs in sp.def and sp.atk, is that he could absorb the special attack from the opponent easy, and then mirror coat it, taking advantage of high sp atk and OHKO it. Thats why
"EV train Attack and HP. Why the hell are you EV training Spc. Def when you have MCoat -_-" Good buddy, you still have to take the hit from the sp.atk to mirror coat it. Thats why the hell im doing it. Thank you.

On Absol. I already have a baton passer, one that passers curse and mean look. And if you ask me mean look is the best thing to pass in the game. it makes your entire party trappers. Absol has this moveset to work with umbreon to perishtrap and not get hit while doing it. Next?

On Breloom. "slakings ohkos practically everything, anyway. sludge bomb/giga drain over counter." I realize slaking would probably OHKO this poke, but he was just a bad example to use on my part. Counter is better than sludge bomb or giga drain, because I already have an attacking move, and because it gives him that sweeper countering ability. So I have tentacruel to take care of the sp.sweepers and breloom to take care of the sweeper, by seeding them, putting them to sleep and focus punching them. And if they ever attack counter. giga drain has only 5 pp and 60 base damage. Plus its a special attack, something, that breloom has little of. Sludge bomb no, counter will do double damage to any ATKing move, this includes like double edge, counter its worth 240 base damage. Why should I get rid of it? Do you know what youre talking about? Focuspunch over sludge bomb too because if I do that he'll be screwed against steel types.

For umbreon. Why? umbreons a better tank than cradily and he gives my entire team trapping abilities. The only reason you could argue this point is that cradily can prevent shuffling, which is good. But I like this better.

Alright,thanks I guess, you were extremly rude, and you reccommended some crazy things. I wouldnt have ridiculed you if it hadnt been such a rude response. How's that for proper grammar. Thanks anyway.

P.S. if you think words like

teamy weamy

are grammatic mistakes, you are wrong, they are dialect, which means i typed the words in which I meant them to be said. Or how I would say them, speaking as a person. In the same why that an author puts quotes around a character in the stories words, you did the same to mine, making it dialect or words that I said or how I said them. Shakesphere used this method to create words and cliches which are commonly used today. Cliches like "One fell swoop," "vanish into thin air," and "flesh and blood" and words like "critical," "leapfrog," "majestic," "dwindle," and "pedant." Theres is no grammitical error when trying to portray character in a work of writing.
The end.

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