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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Manga: Death Note
Read up to: Chapter 108 in Volume 12

Highschool ace student Light Yagami finds a strange notebook dropped by a rogue shinigami. He soon learns that the notebook has the power to kill people and decides to use it to rid the world of evil, but there will always be people who stand in your way, Light soon finds out. Can Light beat the worlds top detective simply known as L.?

The drawings are good, I love Obata's art. The art of Death Note is one of the things that kept me reading through the second half.



The plot was good through the first half, but then it just got dragged on far to long and lost a lot of what made Death Note interesting.



Light and L., and hell even Ryuk were great characters, but thats about as far as it goes, characters like Near, Takada, and Mikami were boring and not really fun to read about. There was little to no character development in this story, every character pretty much stays the same, Light probably got the most development by getting slightly crazier as the story prolonged.



At first youd think that Death Note is like nothing else, while the killer notebook aspect is very unique, as are characters like Light, L., and Ryuk, but theres more to it. Spli this manga into 2 halfs, the first half was great, originality was at it's peak in the first half, the plot, the characters, the schemes, and the good guy dies, it was great, but with the first half theres also a second half. The second half, not so great. The spoilers are so huge here, you shouldn't read it. I've whited it out. -Kenny After the death of L. everything was wrapped up, no one stood in Lights way, he could rule, thus the manga should have ended, but it didn't it went on, and the plot became redundent. Once again Light has to outwitt someone and come up with a crazy scheme while still killing criminals, but this happend before, its not that original, and finally the ending is the most unoriginal thing in the series, because we get the classic shounen good triumphs over evil BS, which is by no means original, First half=Great, Second half=Failure.



From a personal standpoint I loved Death Note, to a point, then after that point I was extremely dissapointed. In the end I felt sad, because Death Note had the chance to different, to be great, but it didn't take that route, and it made me dissapointed because of how much I loved the first half



35.5/50 or 7.1

It was good, but dissapointing, if you read the first few volumes and decide you hate Light, you'll probably like this manga, but if you dont like crappy shounen endings, you might not like it, but I still recomend reading it for the very impressive first half.


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