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Default My Own Pokemon game

Like a few people, i'm trying to make my own pokemon game...
I am either going to...
Make it from scratch with gamemaker or...
Edit a pokemon game (change alot)...

I'm trying to mke it in gold/silver style (pretty basic but not colourless)

does anybody know any Hacker tools for pokemon gold or silver BESIDES Goldmap
Cause with goldmap i cant edit trainer's pokemon and i cant even change gyms and some areas.

Or i'd like a companion who is good with gamemaker to show me how to make the start screen and all the options aswell as how to nickname and stuff.

It will be really good if i get all this.

PS: I havn't started yet cause i'm getting all this stuff first...
PS2: Does anybody have an easier way of making a pokemon game that i havn't mentioned?
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