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Default Re: Pokemon The Movie: Destiny Deoxys on KidsWB!

Originally Posted by Darkcomet
I highly doubt it Daz.

As you are english, I'm sure the words "damn" or "bloody" or "crap" do not offend you in any way. Many Americans it seems (and this is from what I've seen, this might not be the case) find these words to be very bad. That's why when it's translated, they make sure that is left out...

As an Australian, these words come up in our speech a lot. Even the teachers will swear from time to time. It's nothing to get up in arms about.

I'm sure that the Japanese version of the show is much better, and probably makes a lot more sense. I mean, they left out a few shows in the 4Kids dub of the show, because it was considered "offensive" to have James with cleavage. Some bans on the show are legit (like the one that put many children in hospital with epilleptic fits), but I mean, come on.

Aussies and English seem to be a lot more dirtier mouthed then most Americans.
Ah, I was talking about the Japanese version having swearing in, actually, but yeah they do seem to edit them out for being extremely offensive. I don't really see why swearing is so bad; swear words are merely words that show powerful emotions, such as anger, hate, etc. For example, "**** off!" and "Get lost!" mean the same thing, however the former implies that you hate the person, whereas the latter implies you merely do not wish to speak to them (In most cases, at least). I suppose swear words being bad could be a ploy by governments who hate seeing people express extreme emotions or whatever... :P

As for the movie, I just saw it. I've learned quite a few new things about Deoxys that will greatly benefit my RP character (Such as the fact that one of Deoxys abilities has the same electrical-disrupting effect as the Silver Orb). All in all, about 9.4. Note that it only lost 0.6 due to the fact that I couldn't understand more than a few words (Like when Tooi said 'Ja ne' (Later) to Plusle and Minun) but other than that the movie was awesome. I understood the plot as a whole, however, due to the fact that I've read Serebiis summary, however I'm disappointed that it missed some things out that help you understand the movie from just reading that thing.

I also hope you Americans have funny watching DD, and I pray that Deokishisu keeps the Japanese voice, which is unfortunately hard to describe (I'll upload a Voice clip of him later, however to do that I have to export the entire movies Sound data, cut the part out that I want, and resave as MP3...).

EDIT: Clip ripped and uploaded.

Download - 378KB

Clip rundown: Pelipper fly in front something that resembles a spire, or radio tower. Deoxys lands on top of the squares clock, with Murkrow being frightened by Deoxys shadow which is cast upon the ground. It then shows what Deoxys is seeing, (Imagine looking through a glass of silvery liquid) showing that Deoxys has bad optical sight (Which is also shown in the earlier battle with Rayquaza).

Deoxys then uses its Psychic abilities to send a sort of shockwave towards the Murkrow which are near a fountain. The shockwave scares the Murkrow (Most likely not harming them due to them being immune to Psychic attacks) sending water a few feet into the air. After taking another quick look, the purple stripe on Deoxys face glows bright, emitting a beam which it seems to use to locate things (This is because of its poor eyesight). The beam passes across the fountain and an escalater, causing them to malfunction (As I said, the beam interferes with electrical devices). The fountain spurts out a spire of water after it malfunctions.

Deoxys flies away over several buildings, before its purple crystal (Brain) starts glowing. The crystal emits a purple-diamond which causes a purple aura to appear in the sky over the city.

Big description of that one little 1-minute clip, hm? Now you know what I mean by Serebiis summary leaving a lot of stuff out...

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