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Default Re: I need rom hacking help!

Originally Posted by Sevilithe View Post
To get satrted im going to say that ive never made a "REAL" rom hack. ive started like 15 but i never got into them and i quit. What really got me into rom hacking was when i was reading this thread for pokemon moon and sun Which looked AMAZING! But lets get to the point..

Im a newb to rom hacking...
Not a complete newb because i know how to use alot of the tools..
What i want to learn is how to change the tiles, pokemon, how to make scripts, and how to use cyclone
The only thing im good at is changing the maps and the scrips(not making scripts though)
and i need someone to help if u can

any questions email me at
Oh my god! Rofl

xD "Links going in my sig" Yeah, this needs to be locked.
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